Part 1: 'THINK! Don't Wake-up In Make-up.

Part 1: 'THINK! Don't Wake-up In Make-up.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure ev e r y  la s t  tr a c e  of makeup is removed from your skin before you go to bed.


Only with clean and uncogested pores can your skin breathe and go on to restore itself throughout the night.

"So what if I don't?":::...

Not removing your make up causes: 

Congested skin & pores become clogged up

Skin becomes dehydrated very quickly due to lack of moisture and oxygen reaching pores

Skin cannot exfoliate naturally and shed dead skin cells so it begins to flake, look dull and become uneven 

 Over time, the long term damage causes breakouts and can even stimulate acne/rashes. 


Not to mention failure to remove eye make up properly will cause lashes to break & become brittle throughout the night and can lead to numerous other eye irritations - even infections!

"Ok- I get it, 'must remove make-up' "*reaches for a make-up wipe* 

#Intervention::....Say NO to Wipes::..

Despite those convincing 'Simple Wipe' adverts- it is simply not enough to use a makeup-removal wipe to remove all of your make up, at any point of the day. 

Admittedly, we like many others, had an emergency packet stashed away for those party nights- where all rules go out of the window for the sake of speed.. 

BUT- make up wipes do not form any part of our make up removal routine- this is for a number of reasons:


♦ They do not remove even 40% of your make up 

♦ The rubbing motion and friction on your skin is very damaging 

♦ You tend to press harder than you should and rub harder than you should 

Alcohol is the BIG no-no with wipes - only Baby wipes contain no alcohol

♦ It's always a race to remove before the wipe drys up (does anyone else find that?!)


The point is ladies- there is no excuse not to take removing your make up seriously. It doesn't come easy to us either ! Its something we have learnt the hard way and have had to research ourselves...  


So How should it be done??..

We will be posting Part 2: 'Cleanse, Cleanse and Tone! - The How-to Guide' next where will discuss methods to removing makeup effectively and reveal top high street products that we SWEAR by and don't cause your monthly Pay-cheque/Student loan to dissappear..


Stay Tuned Girls & Remember...

...:::: if she offers you a make-up wipe...she's not your friend. Politely decline and GET OUT OF THERE.

;) Sharon & Mandeep


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