Part 2: 'Cleanse, Cleanse and Tone! - The How-to Guide'

Part 2: 'Cleanse, Cleanse and Tone! - The How-to Guide'

Hopefully by now, our last postTHINK! Don't Wake Up In Make Up has led you to being stood in the skincare aisle of Boots looking down at your phone screen for a quick checklist Grab & Go..

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The 'How to Remove Make-Up Fully' Guide: 

|Face & |Eyes

Step 1• Pre Cleanse 

Step 2• Cleanse

Step 3• Tone 


|F a c e 

Step 1 • Pre cleanse


√ To avoid makeup and dirt seeping into open pores

√ To break down stubborn make up and allow the product to come off easier without stripping skin off too many natural oils 

We Use:            

        S p l u r g e:                                                           S a v e: 

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse                      Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil



How: Rinse off with lukewarm water as opposed to hot water which will strip the moisture from skin and leave it red and irritated. 

We recommend: An oil-based cleanser for dry skin as foam usually contributes to drying out the skin for the reason above - not necessarily a bad thing for those who have skin that produces excess oil; but those who suffer from dryness you will need to be more careful..

Tip: if you are wearing heavy makeup use Coconut oil before pre cleanse to melt away stubborn makeup


Step 2 • Cleanse 


√ To remove ALL traces of Foundation

 √ To clear pores of all dirt and excess oil your skin has attracted throughout the day

We Use:

          S p l u r g e:                                                               S a v e: 

Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser        Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser 200ml 


How: Use the right one for your skin type - if your face feels tight after using your cleanser then this is the wrong one for you

Tip: Never use a towel to dry your face as they are too rough on the skin, Muslin cloths have been specifically designed for facial cleansing


Step 3• Tone


√ To rebalance the skin's PH after cleansing. As cleansing removes most of the natural/good oils which can cause sensistivity and irritation 

We Use: 

              S p l u r g e:                                                         S a v e:

Clarins Extra Comfort toning lotion          Nuxe Gentle Toning lotion with Rose Petals


How: Gently run a Cotton pad half soaked in Toner all of the face; do not stop until you come back with a clean pad 

Tip: AVOID using an alcohol-based toner at all costs! Rose Water is our favourite ingredient because of its calming and restoring qualities & ofc the lush smell. 



◊ Removing eye makeup is very different to removing skin makeup - the skin around eyes is a lot thinner so you need to be more careful with the Products and Methods you use.


√ To keep eyes clean and to avoid eye infections/irratations.

√ To stop eylashes from breaking off during the night. 

We Use: 

           S p l u r g e:                                                          S a v e:

Lancome Bi-Facial Eye Make-Up Remover          Micellar Cleansing water |  Bioderma Sensibio H2O

How: Use with a cotton pad and hold product on each eye for around 7 seconds so formula seeps in, then gently sweep pad upwards, downward and in side motions to remove - No Rubbing!

Tip: For those who wear minimal makeup invest in just a bottle of Micellar water - its cheap and the clever mix of water and oil removes makeup quickly with Minimal fuss

Say NO to Makeup Wipes::: It may be tempting to use them as it seems like the easiest option...but theres a reason why it stings...if you're struck for time ...then Micellar water with a cotton pad is the quickest method.

|Boots shopping list:

Pre cleanse• Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil• £9.99

Cleanse• Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser• £5.24

Toner• Nuxe Gentle toning lotion w/ Rose petals• £14.00

Eye make-Up Remover • Garnier Micellar Water• £3.33


Save Total: £32.56


Splurge Total: £93.35


Pre cleanse• Dermalogica  £34.35

Cleanse• Kielhs Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser• £18.00

Toner• Clarins toning lotion w/ Chamomile• £19.50

Eye make-Up Remover • Lancome Bi Facil Eye Make-Up Remover • £21.50


[*Prices as advertised now*]


We have spent weeks trying to condense our skincare routine for your guys && there is still so much more we need to share! - Lookout for other Tips & Porduct Recommendations!


Sharon & Mandeep Xx




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