Fresh, Dewy Make-up

Fresh, Dewy Make-up

 This week we wore 2 of our Favourite designs from our Collection to an Engagement Party with Fresh, Dewy Makeup all round!  

Scroll down to find out which products we used to achieve that Timeless G l o w..


Left ::: The Grecian Saree In Mink 

Right ::: The Partition Skirt Set 


| Our Winning formula consists of 70% Concealer and 30% Foundation + mixing various Oils/Strobing Creams with our concealers | 


→ UNDER-EYE PREP: Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex + Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

→ CONCEALER 1: Nars Creamy Concealer in 'Medium1 Custard' mixed with 'Chantilly'

→ CONCEALER 2: Tarte Maracuja in 'Medium light'

--mix Concealer with-- 

OIL: Mac Prep + Prime Essential Oils

STROBING CREAM: Mac Strobe Cream 

→ HIGHLIGHTERS: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer + Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Palette 


Send us your Dewy Makeup Looks and let us know which products worked for you the best :)

Sharon & Mandeep Xx


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