StylmK X Mara + Elle

StylmK X Mara + Elle

 "Our easy to wear pieces incorporate naturally sourced precious stones, semi precious stones, druzy quartz and baroque pearls"  

| Mara + Elle |


Mara + Elle pieces have been carefully considered to offer individuality and a flourish of character to any outfits.

Featured In the December 2017 issue of ∴Vogue∴ 

Mara + Elle statement pieces have quickly become De Rigueur to elevate any outfit; Western or Indian.


Constructed with semi-precious stones, dashed with modish contemporary details and finished with gold plating these pieces are not for the faint-hearted; They require a bold sense of style but not a lot of thought when styling them with your looks as they seem to go with absolutely everything!


Wearing Hand Harnesses:  J U L I E T : £125 || M O L L Y Aqua : £85 

"We offer a refreshing selection of Indian jewellery ranging from tradition glamour to contemporary street style."

| Mara + Elle |


Wearing Chokers: W I R E D : £375 || C L A S H White: £450

With reversible designs on both necklaces we consider these pieces an Investment for your wardrobes, offering maximum wear and versatility. 

We have handpicked just a few of our favourite necklaces and hand harnesses below, however you can experience the full eclectic array of Collections and styles on the Mara+ Elle Website  ⇒



Wearing Necklaces: J I N G U Gold & Light Silver Confetti : £155 || B R O N T E Kundan : £580 

The attention to detail that has been taken to make these designs striking yet suitable for most Seasons make them worthwhile accessories all year round. 

It is instantly apparent from handling Mara + Elle pieces that they have been made using high-quality materials and ooze durability, and so a highly recommended brand to purchase from. |

Sharon & Mandeep Xx

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