The Wedding Edit

The Wedding Edit

From my beauty regime and Outfits to collating a handbook of do's and don'ts I couldn't be more excited to share my Wedding journey with you all...

I planned a Wedding that would typically be considered 'average' in the Asian Wedding industry - and by that I mean I didn't spend 100K plus - so I'm looking to appeal to those Brides and Grooms who are wanting to get married on a reasonable budget. 

O U R . D A Y

S K I N . P R E P 

My experience with, DERMASTAMP FACIALS 

(using AQ Skin Solutions Serum)


What are they?

Facials using a Micro-needling therapy commonly referred to as 'Dermastamp.' The real magic lies within the AQ Skin Solutions Serum which is what the skin is micro-needled with. 

After two of these facials I can honestly say my skin feels plump and complexion looks increasingly even with fewer congested pores. The impact was instantly more noticable than any other facial I have had. Now 6 months after my Wedding I would be tempted to go back for another session to 'boost' the skin (especially in such cold weather) but generally 3 sessions a year is more than enough if you tend to have low-maintenance skin.

How I heard about them..

I didn’t receive any prior recommendation for these, nor had I read about them anywhere. I had however heard good things about the EF Medi Spa salons so enquired about a deep-exfoliating facial to beign with. I actually ended up having close to a 2-hour consultation with a Manager about the current state of my skin, perceived problems and my daily regime and we worked out a plan which involved the Dermastamp facials, Chemical peels and LED therapy.

When did I have them..

I had both of my facials in July (1 month before my wedding). I wouldn't really suggest doing this if your skin tends to breakout quite regularly but if you have some minor concerns then a similar timeframe should work.

How did they feel..

Whilst the procedure itself wasn’t painful I did feel as if I had sunburn for about a week. This is absolutely normal and actually what the skin should feel like!

Cost £££…

Whilst I say this is the best facial I have had I did pay a hefty amount for the results.

It cost me £1,500 for:

  • 2 sessions of Dermastamp

  • 3 sessions of LED

  • 3 Chemical peels


Prior to the treatments, I had a few scars on my cheeks and forehead as well as slight discolouration and hollowness underneath my eyes. Post two of these facials I have noticed a significant reduction in the scars and my undereyes have little to no discolouration. 6 months on, I would say the results have lasted. 

I haven't actually had the time to have the Chemical Peel and LED treatements however I was so impressed with the results from just two sessions of the Dermastamp that I wasn’t fussed. In one way its worked out for the best as I can take advantage of the treatments now during these colder months where my skin is lacking hydration!

** Just bear in mind that this course was ideal for my skin and results may vary with other skin types, so I would recommend booking in a detailed skin consultation before undergoing treatments to discover what is right for you. 



My experience with, BEAUTY REHAB

I was recommended Beauty Rehab by a friend and booked an appointment with the owner Seda. Seda specialises in Russian sets and she took a lot of care in making sure the lashes were full, wispy and the right intensity for my eye shape: 

Style : Cat's eyes w/ a Russian Full Set 


These lashes lasted almost a month - with correct maintenance, i.e. no pulling, rubbing, use of oils etc. I‘ve since been back for another full set and 4 weeks in my lashes are still going strong!




INSPIRATION I always knew I wanted to wear White on my Wedding Day. For me there’s nothing more ornate and bridal than a fresh white dress finished off with a soft up-do and delicate pearl accessories. 

DESIGN Fusionwear formed the essence of this Gown; Traditional Bold Baroque prints were chosen as focal points but softened using threadwork, beads and clusters of pearls.

CUT We opted for an acute v-neck with slight shoulder pads and feminine soft scalloped edges. Layering of delicate embroidery on a two-tone blush base illuminates some colour into the outfit which we consider an all-important asian bridal characteristic. 

Bridal Enquiries : CONTACT@STYLMK.COM 


 → ‘Maya Valentino’ Hand & Palm Cuffs // Bespoke designs by StylmK 

 Outhouse 'Weave Of Love' Choker 


INSPIRATION This celestial look was created with a strong focus on cascading embroidery and luxury stonework. Gold hues made this gown ideal for a black-tie evening event. 

DESIGN An embodiment of clear, grey and rose gold stones on 3D bronze threadwork to ensure the gown fell into the realms of Couture.

CUT With Movement being a key consideration in the Design phase the Gown was constructed using carefully placed darts to ensure it followed the silhouette and did not weigh down. This is absolutely key with Asian wedding outfits. 

Bridal Enquiries : CONTACT@STYLMK.COM 


Pre-Wedding // Brocade X Statement Jewels

- All Jewellery by Goenka Jewels -

 LEFT / 'Noya Long Necklace' layered with the 'Shehzadi Necklace' 

RIGHT /  'Arunika Choker' layered with the 'Fern Bangles'

B R I D A L  M A K E - U P

My experience with, @ROQAMakeup 

Roqa was exceptional in providing Bridal Makeup Looks that complemented both of Outfits and most importantly lasted throughout the weekend.

I had two Trials with Roqa and the first highlighted immediately her signature style; flawless dewy skin without the powdered finish and a particular skill in applying and setting highligher perfectly underneath the eyes. She accentuated my features without heavy contour and balanced this with neutral eye makeup and nude lips... pretty much the signature StylmK Look!

Φ Ceremony Look Φ 

 Φ Reception Look Φ


 My experience with:

Frank & Taylor Photography 

Out of all of the decisions I made for my Wedding, I was most content with selecting Frank & Taylor as the lead Photographers and Videographers for my Ceremony at the Gurdwara.

Beyond the memories taken away from Weddings, Images & Videos form the lasting impression of the day and so it's imperative to invest the same time, energy and money in choosing great photographers as you would in your Outfits, Jewellery etc. 

Frank & Taylor specialise in capturing the raw emotions of the day with atmospheric shots that tell a Story. Aside from this I particularly valued their commitment to aesthetic editing very early on and so they were an easy choice for me. 

When meeting several companies I considered the 3 key factors below:

Experience: There is a direct correlation between the experience you have speaking with Photographers and the quality of work & service you will receive on the day. Simply getting along and having great chemistry will allow you to walk away from the day knowing you have the best pictures possible, and this is e v e r y t h i n g.

Cultural Sensibilities: A good team for an Indian wedding doesn’t necessarily require the team to be 'Indian.' Knowing that the team understand when to capture the most sanctimonious moments according to our tradition, and the personal shots you and your family would most value, is all you need for peace of mind.

A Shared Vision: When reviewing Wedding Portfolio’s try and eliminate the reputation of the team and judge their service according to what is in front of you. Assess the composition, lighting and style of the photos and really listen to what the head photographer considers to be the most valued shots.

In the Asian Industry it is easy to pay a hefty amount for photography based solely on word of mouth but always remember; there is no governing body within this industry to cap prices so companies will typically charge what they like year on year even when they are not improving their services. 

Getting all of this information beforehand will mean the only thing you will need to focus on is your posture on the day and not if you and your partner are 'looking awkward’ ! 


I can honestly say that all 3  boxes above were ticked with Frank & Taylor and we look forward to working with the team with future Stylmk The Label projects. 



 My experience with: London Chauffeuring 

My Bridal car was a Rolls Royce Phantom courteousy of the London Chauffeuring company. The vehicle was clean and luxurious and completely complemeted my Bridal Outfit. The Service was also of high quality, with the driver arriving on time and settling any last minute nerves I had. 


H E N & H O N E Y M O O N

 My experience with: Experfly Luxury Holidays

 I used Experfly Travel Agents for my Hen-do and Honeymoon and honestly had the most amazing experience both times round. Not only did myself and others receive a tailored service, the entire experience from booking the trips to arriving back in the UK was simple and efficient.

Sat Poonian was our main contact and, taking our budgets into consideration, offered us the best possible accommodation and flights packages’ for all our needs. He was knowledgable on the locations we chose and so was able to give helpful advice on where we should stay/explore based on our preferences. 

My Honeymoon was particularly memorable; Experfly went above and beyond with high quality upgrades, premium transfers and massages within the villa complex. All in all they really delivered to ensure we were taken care off. 

Last Min Do's & Dont's


  • Do appoint a chief bridesmaid(s) to take care of any 2nd list priorities. Take the time to really highlight to yourself what is most important for the day, and the reason I say this is because you will find that things you have spent hours perfecting WILL NOT matter on the day.

  • Do not confirm anything without a Trial - they are a cost however they avoid disappointment on the day and trust me this is where the value lies. To give an example I didn't book a trial with my flowerwall suppliers and on the day the lighting was not how I had imagined which meant the pictures did not come out great.

  • Do remember to enjoy yourself !!! It’s sounds silly but I always see brides not smiling or dancing enough! I made a pact with my husband beforehand to actually enjoy and take in the weekend. It’s easy to get pulled from pillar to post for pictures with people you have never seen before but its important to get your couple and individual shots done before anything else.


    Sit down only to eat your wedding food and for the rest of the night stay on the dancefloor !!


    Get in Touch!

    Bridal/Custom Orders 


    Sharon & Mandeep Xx  

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